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Siding maintenance: All you need to know about maintaining your siding

Siding gives your house an aesthetic feel. And it is imperative to keep your siding intact and blemish-free to make your home look as pretty as a picture in the years to come.

But often, poor maintenance and poor judgments make siding maintenance quite challenging. Choosing inappropriate siding materials and bad upkeep of the surrounding adds up to maintenance woes, inviting massive maintenance bills. Top Toronto Siding Company observes that people investing considerably in the best siding enjoy a maintenance-free house for a long time. Find out more here about how Canada braced the worst climate and how different sidings braved various catastrophes. This article guides the readers through a detailed introspection of various siding choices and the maintenance required for each of them.

But before that, here is all you need to know about good siding and the various routines that can extend your siding’s life.

Siding: A little care to your building envelope can bring in a sea of change

People are too hasty when it comes to maintaining their home exteriors. Despite choosing the best siding for their home, some end up spending enormous maintenance fees after a few years. Even when the sidings brave harsh temperatures and wind, it is found that most houses in Toronto give little care to water seepage that attributes to the rotting of cladding structure. Wet weather, UV radiation, scratches and dents from garden trees, knocks, and even accidents prove extremely dangerous for sidings. Hence, it is advised to choose the best siding that serves the best purpose for you. Also, make sure that you continue maintenance routines like:

  • Inspecting the surrounding of your house to make sure that no branches are banging against your siding, and;
  • Giving a good wash to the exteriors with moderate-pressure water hoses, ensuring that no dirt accumulates and sidings are kept in the best shape for a long time.

No matter how successfully you shower an extra care on your siding, the most fundamental aspect that keeps your effort long-lasting is the choice of siding materials. If you are considering a renovation for your house, then it is advised to go through the following siding choices and their maintenance requirements to make the best decision.

Top siding choices and their maintenance

Bricks: this timeless and classic siding choice is highly susceptible to water retention. The sucked-up water freezes in the cold, causing the exteriors to crack. ‘Spalling’ or breaking of the outer layer, as they are largely known, exposes the interior to further damages. Hence, homeowners are often advised to replace them with masons or get them coated with dye.

Stones: One of the most popular siding choices, stones often require a concrete foundation to stick to the exteriors adding to an immense expense. Cultured stones or veneer stones are the perfect replacement for stones as they do not need any foundation.

Aluminum: One of the most economical choices, Aluminum is found to be extremely susceptible to dents and scratching. They are often advised to be replaced by sturdier choices.

Vinyl: Often considered an economical replacement for Aluminum, these UV-resistant materials are durable and contribute insulation amounting up to R5.

Stucco and EFIS: These moldings render a seamless, clean, and cohesive look. Ensure that the installer is certified and follows protocol.

Cement fiberboard: Made of wood fibers, cement, and sand, this structure does not rot and is extremely good at resisting UV damages. They are available in a variety of colors.

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