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How to maintain new sod?

If you are thinking of laying sod, then there are certain things you have to follow to make sure that the new lawn flourish. Most people confuse whether to perform reseeding or sod. Reseeding is cheaper and simpler than laying sod. For complete advantages and disadvantages of both reseeding and sod, check the full list here.

Reseeding requires a month of regular watering one to two times a day. There are chances for the germinating seed to dry out and die on a hot or sunny day. If you are planting on a yard that is sloppy, there are chances for the rain to wash away your entire seed and fertilizer. According to the experts, freshly laid sod is the perfect option. After laying, you need to follow routine lawn care and moderate watering.

How much water is required for new sod?
Regular watering is important to make sure new sod is producing strong roots. For instance, if you are laying during summer months, you need to water all through the day to prevent drying and shrinking. The lawn should be moisture enough for a minimum of two weeks after laying the sod. You need to continue watering for another two weeks to avoid the chances of drying out.

How long does new sod take to root?
Mostly, your new sod would root approximately ten to fourteen days of installation. It is also important to check when you mow the lawn after installing sod for the first time. Ensure to set the mower to the maximum setting to avoid trimming it too near to the root. Ensure not to run or walk on the new sod. If you do so, there are chances for the prevention of development of weak young roots. If you are having pets in your home, ensure it does not reach the newly laid sod as much as possible.

Do not overwater lawn before installation
Most people make the mistake of overwatering the lawn thinking they are preparing the area for installation. However, it is not helpful for a successful installation. Muddy grounds offer difficult work environments and result in insufficient sod jobs. It is best to keep the lawn moist. Remember it does not mean soaked. By watering the lawn three times a day for about ten to fifteen minutes helps in offering sufficient moisture.

Utilizing a lawn mower
Lawnmower assists you sod develop roots. After installation, utilize the lawn roller to equal the freshly set up sod. This step makes sure each patch is strongly placed near to the soil to permit moisture, to reduce the level of the area between the earth and new roots and to travel below the sod.

Wait to mow
It is recommended to wait about five-week to start mowing your lawn to eliminate chopping the new sod near to the root. If possible, you can reduce watering sessions before the days you are going to mow. However, ensure to keep the garden moist to promote strong root growth.

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