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Essential tire Care Services Throughout Seasons

Summer and fall are the best times to inspect the tires. It may be necessary to service your vehicle if it has sat for a long time. You might also want to keep a spare set of rims on hand if you don’t know how old your tires are. Mobile tire offers various tire services that help you keep your tires in top condition throughout the year. Review some of the essential tire care services you should be following.

Tire care in winters

When driving on the road, tire tread depth is important, and it is a legal consideration. If you have a shallow tread depth, you may aquaplane. If your tires are low in the tread, the steel banding will produce more heat, which will cause the tire’s outer layer to delimitate, resulting in a blister or blowout.

Driving in the winter can be difficult for automobiles because of the cold temperatures, which can cause the vehicle to break down and cause the wheels to be out of alignment. Once your vehicle’s alignment deviates from the factory-specified parameters, it can seriously affect your driving. Extended service intervals ensure that your car is safe and drivable. You must also take advantage of winter services to ensure that your vehicle is secure.

What should you do if you find a nail in your tire?

If you have a nail in your tire, you should get it fixed as soon as possible or take it to a CAA Certified Auto Repair Service facility. Also, ensure that you don’t drive on the road. However, you must check the tire pressure as soon as possible. Insufficient tire pressure results in two negative consequences: increased fuel consumption and a negative impact on handling. Checking your tire pressures will help you avoid accidents and save money.

If your tire is punctured, put the spare tire on and fill it with air until you can have it repaired. You can also bring it to a tire repair shop, where they will plug and patch the hole. If the tire is damaged, you must get it patched or replaced. A tire that has been repaired incorrectly can be fatal to you and other drivers.

Preparing for the upcoming season with tire storage services

Tires are heavy and awkward to transport, and they may pose a safety hazard if stored at home. Tires should be stored in a cool, dry environment to avoid premature wear, damage, cracking, and the formation of potholes. Experts recommend a tire storage method suitable for your requirements. The market is brim with a comprehensive range of robust products and practical solutions for tire storage.

If you have limited space for storing tires, consider using mobile shelves. A vertical carousel is ideal for tire storage that is two stories high, safe, and simple to maintain. Integra Tire’s tire storage service is available at most Integra Tire locations. The tires will be kept in a safe, dry environment and will be ready to be mounted on your vehicle when the season begins.

Taking up tire storage services will ensure that you are prepared for the upcoming season and that your tires are inspected both before and after being placed in storage. Customers who have tire storage are typically contacted and scheduled for changeovers before the start of the season’s rush.

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