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Emerging trends that can revolutionize the digital marketing trends in 2020

Consumers are becoming smarter. With a plethora of information at fingertips, the shoppers’ expectation about the brands is increasing. What do the companies need to do to stay ahead of the customer expectations and brand competitions? Well, the right marketing strategy is the only way to stand apart and to connect with the customers. Popular digital marketing companies like Caseo follow some essential strategies that put them ahead of the others. The e-commerce sales review of the past years explains the essentialities of right marketing strategies. Let us go through some of the key strategies that any company should follow.

Artificial Intelligence: the present and future of digital marketing

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, the technology is rapidly expanding and providing a complete virtual world experience to customers. Artificial Intelligence has been critical for the market’s increased revenue and the increasing customer acquisition because of its innovative tracking and analytics features. Machine learning has made this feat possible and enabled marketers to understand the various touchpoints of shoppers.

Similarly, another significant breakthrough of Artificial Intelligence is Augmented Reality that combines digital information and the physical environment at real-time. AR technology has opened up unique and customized shopping experiences for shoppers.

Automation, another AI feature, allows marketers to automate most of the application, thereby saving manual efforts and time.

Short videos that keep the customers engaged
Social media brand promotions are mostly the video contents that are short and that attract customers inadvertently. Gone are the days when video productions were a hassle that emptied the brand promoters’ pockets. Now, video marketing only requires a short informal video that can be used on YouTube, Amazon or any other Social media platforms. Several applications like video display ads, YouTube TrueView video and discovery ads, allow the marketers to promote story-driven content in more natural ways.

Email marketing and your website can also leverage the video experiences, which in turn enhances the user experiences.

Transparency for consumer trust
Increasing online frauds and phishing episodes have made the consumers a bit sceptical about sharing personal information while interacting with the brands.

Trust is essential for a brand to establish a connection with the customers. If your brand essentially requires the customers’ information, be upfront with the details. Inform your customers about the need for the data collection and show how these data will help in building their relationship with the brand.

Social proof
The overwhelming collection of information from different brands may put your customers in a dilemma. An average customer heavily depends upon the reviews of the brand from the past customers. Hence, it is essential to increase the review of your brand. Making a few people talk about your brand can increase credibility.

The first and foremost step to achieve this will be to add the product tutorials, FAQs and pictures of your products into your website or social media accounts. This can improve the credibility as well as the trust upon your brand. The customers trust other customers. So, incorporating user-generated contents like reviews, testimonials, ratings, and live sales notifications is more likely to earn you more customers.

Technology changes constantly, so is digital marketing trends. To remain in the competitive market, be attentive and creative. Master new technologies and innovate new ways to market your brand.

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