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Adapting Digital Marketing’s New Normal Post COVID

COVID-19 has created a humungous effect in the lives of many in both professional and personal ways. It has become significant to keep safe all employees, colleagues and clients on the professional front. The personal front has seen various change in people’s social attitude. COVID has changed the way we behave with neighbours or even the way we buy groceries. The pandemic has pushed many businesses to think out-of-box to keep afloat while many other industries such as recreation, hospitality, travel, food, etc., have faced a very big effect negatively. Companies such as Merged Media and many other digital marketing companies have had to Review their marketing plans with immediate effect.

Placed restrictions are slowly being lifted in many countries but with precautions such as advanced level of sanitation, gears to protect oneself, taking all measures for social distancing, etc. Below are some of the plans and policies drawn by marketing firms that have turned out to be successful.

Digital Marketing Strategy – Shift in Perspective

  • Community Repayment

The loss that people have suffered due to the pandemic is huge. Lending a helping hand to those in need would allow one to get close to the community. Any form of help that one repays to the community will be welcomed with open hands, in turn rendering better visibility and exposure as a benefit in an indirect manner. For example, a firm dedicated to accounting can arrange for a free video consultation while an insurance company can look into providing discounts for those who want to renew their policy. Literally every clothing line is looking into providing comfortable yet effective facemasks.

  • Being Positive

More attention can be drawn towards one’s business by sharing some messages in a positive manner concerning the preset pandemic. All the world wants to know and hear is that one day their normal lives would be back. “Even this bad time will pass”, can be circulated as a positive marketing message around the community instilling reassurance.

  • Going Digital

Though the world was already into its path towards adapting the digital era, the pandemic has posed a necessity to adapt on a faster pace. Online shopping is the new normal. Even companies provide consultations online and render all their services digitally so as to keep their clients satisfied and businesses afloat.

  • Advertising – Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Given the present situation of COVID-19, advertising one’s business through Pay-Per-Click platform allows better performance online and also enhances overall web movement. The product is not physically provided but this PPC campaign gives the business the necessary amount of leads and worthwhile traffic.

COVID-19 pandemic has caused the world to think differently. Businesses are forced to think in more creative and use innovative methods to increase their visibility in the market and interact with their target audience who have been affected. Thus, ways of interaction between humans have changed leading to companies also considering a change in their ways of communicating with customers. These times are unprecedented and to keep moving forward in the right direction it is significant for businesses to rethink and remodel their marketing strategies through digital platforms.

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