Top 6 doubts about weighted blanket

Top 6 doubts | buy weighted blanket 2019

  1. What’s the best weighted blanket?
  2. Weighted blanket? Any help?
  3. What are the disadvantages of sleeping with a weighted blanket?
  4. How does Gravity weighted blanket compare to other weighted blankets?
  5. Help reduce stress? weighted blankets ?
  6. The most relaxing weighted blanket?

1. Best weighted blanket? You need to know

I think the word “best weighted blanket“is a bit subjective.For most people, this answer is different.

Here’s my point of view:

  • It’s weight should be as per the person who is about to use it.
  • On Amazon, the price of a weighted blanket is usually between $70 and $160.Knowing this is good for you to get a queen weighted blanket of less than $70.

2.Weighted blanket? Any help?

Weighted blankets are particularly effective for children whose anxiety is exacerbated, trying to fall asleep, or feeling difficult to deal with.

Biological processes that occur when using weighted blankets:

1.“When you exert deep pressure on your body, the body will switch from running the sympathetic nervous system to the parasympathetic nervous system. This is the so-called transition from “fighting or escaping” to “resting and digesting”… unfortunately, suffering from self Children with squamous lineage and sensory processing disorders stay in the sympathetic nervous system for a long time. Even if they can calm down, they don’t have to spend too much time to re-trigger the system… With the enormous pressure exerted on the body, the parasympathetic nervous system Start running to keep your child calm and happy.”The magic science behind the weighted blanket is rooted in the autonomic nervous system (ANS).

2.Anxiety disorders can lead to further sleep deprivation and dysfunction problems, and cause a cycle of imbalance between children and adults. According to the National Sleep Foundation, “At some point, it’s hard to tell if you’re having trouble falling asleep because of anxiety, or you’re anxious because you can’t fall asleep.

3.What are the disadvantages of sleeping with a weighted blanket?

If the blanket does not completely cover the bed, your partner doesn’t like it, or you don’t work hard for the added width. When changing positions in the evening, some of them will fall to the side. Once a part of the blanket is pulled down, the rest will follow.

It can cause muscle soreness or limbs to fall asleep faster than normal.

4.How does Gravity Blanket compare to other weighted blankets?

Yes, it is a good product, but it is very expensive compared to the competition.As many have pointed out, yes, there are many cheaper ways to experience the same effect. There are many more affordable weighted blanket products out there, not gravity brands.But I think it’s worth the price to buy a good heavy blanket.

Gravity Blanket – Designed with breathable materials to help prevent overheating when you relax. Inside the 100% cotton inner shell of gravity, you’ll find high-density plastic pellets (HDPE), an odorless, non-toxic, food-grade material that adds weight but is also soft enough to provide a good texture.

Gravity vs. Other Weighted Blankets

BrandPriceWeight(s)Materials & ConstructionSize(s
Gravity Weighted Blanket$169-$20915, 20, 25 lbInner cotton shell, HDPE pellets, outer woven microfiber fleece shell48″ x 78″
Mosaic Weighted Blankets$140-$2155-20 lbNontoxic poly pellets, fabric polyfill42″ x 72″
Sommerly Sleep Tight Weighted Blanket$150-$3005-25 lbs100% cotton fabric, PET pellets fill (BPA, phthalate, and lead-free), Polyester pellet bags, Pocketed construction36″ x 32″ – 80″ x 57″

5.Relieve pressure?

A new approach that does not involve drugs or doctors is becoming increasingly popular: weighted blankets.Although there is no hard evidence that weighted blankets are effective, the risk of trying blankets is small for most healthy adults – except for the price.

6.The most relaxing weighted blanket?

At Mageblanket, we take sleep seriously. So we did a study and reviewed hundreds of buyers and experts to find the heaviest blankets that could be bought.Whether you’re buy hypoallergenic weighted blanket on the market or keeping cool all night, these weighted blankets will help you get a good night’s sleep.

Eco-Friendly Weighted Blanket

There are many benefits of weighted blankets, but the problem is that most of these blankets are not particularly beneficial to the environment.They are mainly made of synthetic materials and are filled with plastic or glass particles that will depress the material.This means that when you have finished processing them, they will always sit in the landfill and never break down.

Some companies are now considering this issue,Environmentally-weighted blankets are the mainstream of development”Gravity blanket” and “Rocabi” have been converted from plastic pellets to glass pellets.

A hand-knitted weighted blanket
Napper blanket does not use any pellets for fillers

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