Guide : 2019 glasses new trend

Retro style, avant-garde sports, oversized silhouette, personality

  • Retro style

The retro style of the strong return is the biggest darling of the fashion circle. The classic elements of the 60-70s are popular among young people today, and they are once again in this season’s glasses trend.

Oval glasses with metal borders, cat eye glasses, and retro neutral frames, these classic shapes with retro-tone lenses, create a new style with multiple charms.The understated frame is reinterpreted from a modern perspective to create a contemporary retro look.

Ray-Ban Oval RB3547

Ray-Ban Oval RB3547
Ray-Ban Oval RB3547

With the irresistible understated look, this classic 70’s oval sunglasses adds many color options. Infused with a touch of fresh color for the iconic metal frame, matte and modern two-tone mirror lenses add a touch of coolness.

Ray-Ban Oval Gaze RX6547

Lighter, finer and stronger than ever, Ray-Ban redefines the avant-garde style of all-metal fashion. The understated elliptical optics feature a new lens look, modern matte finishes and subtle subtle colours that make it a focal point.

Oliver Peoples Oliver Sun OV5393SU

Oliver Peoples Oliver Sun OV5393SU
Oliver Peoples Oliver Sun OV5393SU

Oliver Sun sunglasses blend the retro sensibility and classic beauty of the 1960s with a touch of Southern California style, with Oliver Peoples’ signature details, creating new classics through the years of experience.

Oliver Peoples Saurine OV5394SU

Oliver Peoples Saurine OV5394SU
Oliver Peoples Saurine OV5394SU

90’s style sunglasses with a flat long lens shape and a slight end wrap. Saurine has launched several stylings that combine style and style.

  • Avant-garde sports

With the popularity of sports and leisure, sports-style glasses are also a topic of great concern this year.The avant-garde style sports glasses are wrapped in a one-piece frame, which is full of futuristic.

Prada Linea Rossa Active PS10U The oversized outline of the frame envelops the lines around the eyes, the irregular contours perfectly echo the perforations on the lenses, and the design of the temples is equally bold.
Emporio Armani EA3147 Ultra-light nylon texture, rectangular outline lines outline a casual and sporty temperament.
  • Oversized silhouette

The oversized silhouette sunglasses form a low-key yet elegant style through the collision of exaggerated proportions and simple shapes. A variety of oversized silhouette sunglasses draw inspiration from the fashion show theme, classic style, retaining the oversized mask profile, while the details of the frame, temples and other details are exquisite metal decoration, showing unique charm.

Ray-Ban Square RB1971 Ray-Ban Square RB1971
Prada Eyewear PR10VPrada Eyewear PR10V
  • personality

Polygons, diamonds, hearts, clouds… Various irregular patterns are boldly applied to the shape of the lens, combined with a slim metal frame to create a modern and full-fledged personality.Breaking the design of the lens shape, the combination of styling and multi-color lenses gives the glasses a distinctive temperament. The modern overall shape, the wearer will be eye-catching, no matter where you are.

Prada Maquillage PR 73VS Prada Maquillage PR 73VSThese Prada Maquillage sunglasses retain the lens’s masked design and embellish the frame with a delicate gold stud combination.
Burberry BE3111Burberry BE3111Gold-plated geometric contour frame with hand-wrapped details.
Giorgio Armani AR 6094Giorgio Armani AR 6094The “Giorgio Armani” signature on the oversized round frame is swung away on the edge of the ultra-light metal frame, adding a unique personality to the beautiful lines.

Which one do you like?

Monochrome—-the only color of 2019 glasses

Color continues to drive the development of glasses, and consumers are more daring to abandon black glasses frames.The same color lens and frame create a monochrome shape, adding a new dimension to the trend of enduring color lenses.

Large frame to seize the market share of small frames

The frame ratio goes from one extreme to the other, and the oversized design will grab the small framesmarket share in 2019.

Lightly smoked lenses and translucent frames are the key to this business trend. The thick frame is more avant-garde and bold, and the color and details of the bridge of the nose add interest. Drawing inspiration from the classic silhouette, it follows the revival of vintage pieces.

Gold frame and smoky lens keep classic

The aviator model is a stable sales force with its versatile cross-season attributes.The golden frame with smoky lenses became more popular in 2019, and the classic vintage models revived.The large proportions are growing rapidly, in sharp contrast to the small frames that have been commercially successful.The details of the bridge of the nose and the temple add interest, and the latter became a key business driver in 2019.

Brown continues to be popular as a must-have neutral color

The trend of fashion neutral color continues to evolve, from light sand and light gray brown to rich earth brown.

  1. The brown lenses or frames are paired with gold-tone hardware to enhance the delicate natural color.
  2. Brown is lighter than black and incorporates the resurgence of oversized frames.
  3. Adds to the same tone and adds to the monochromatic trend.

Sharp angles bring trend updates to cat eye models

Although the cat’s eye trend is slowing down, the angular shape is the latest update for this long-lasting model.

  1. From one extreme to the other, the narrow frame is replaced by a large design.
  2. The details of the half frame and the temple are getting more and more attention
  3. Extreme models blend into the new and playful trend of steady development.

Frameless models add classic elements to the classic

The long-lasting frameless model emerged as a key trend and immediately became a commercial darling.

  1. The light texture of the design appeals to consumers who are looking for comfort.
  2. Metal nose bridges and temple details enhance the appearance, and nose pads are getting more attention.
  3. The elliptical frame follows the recent retro trend of the past, showing the style of the 90s and 2000s.
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