The fashionable new favorite “Misplaced buckle” is online

The fashionable people are not dressed well. Last year, the popular tops were smashed with the wrong buttons, which made the fashionable people taste the sweetness. This deliberate deduction can not only make the original basic items interesting, but also enhance the layering.

Misplaced buckle
Misplaced buckle

“Misplaced buckle”

In 2019, this directly became a new design. No matter the trousers or the skirts, the tricky buttons were used. House of Holland and Aalto put the “Misplaced buckle” pants on the T-stage. You raise your waistline, you can show your legs, you can show your legs, you are unique, and you are out of the way.

 Misplaced button top.
Misplaced button top.

The skirt is designed with a misplaced button and is fashionable.Pants and sweaters are slanted and misaligned, and the design is full.Want to wear a high-fashioned style with a piece of clothing, this year’s fall should be preferred to have a misplaced button top.

Still wearing a shirt?

The arrival of autumn has begun to shake the hearts of the restless friends, how can those simple ordinary clothes re-enter our eyes?

Want to look good, have no money, don’t want to wear ordinary clothes?

Reverse wear: Shirt

Reverse wear
Reverse wear

If you don’t want to wear the basic model, then you can wear the most basic basics in reverse. It will be different in an instant, more chic than before, and some even become a word collar, revealing exquisiteness. The clavicle comes, giving a very slim visual sense, adding a sense of design, if you want to feel the summer in the lower body, you can wear a denim shorts casually, simple atmosphere, full of spirit!

Lazy shirt

Lazy shirt
Lazy shirt

In fact, the shirt is tied into the trousers and has a more style than the full stopper, especially the wide loose loose shirt style, which forms a loose slouchy feeling.

If it is a relatively clean solid color, it will look more free and easy, neutral wind, the lower body with a cowboy single product is very good, high waist just can create your long leg proportion, the height is not just a centimeter.


A slightly longer shirt style, you can choose to tie the hem freely, and you will have the feeling of accompanying in an instant, especially a relatively high-grade and smooth fabric, which can form a natural drape feeling.If it is a monochrome design, this small detail design will add to the atmosphere of your original monotony, the overall look will not be so boring, the same high waist pants, but also dew point, it looks a lot sexy.

You only need a belt

The same basic model, some people wear it to look ordinary, but some people wear their own style. The difference, in addition to body and face, is a big factor in the details. The details include texture, accessories, clothes, and even a belt that makes the overall look very different.

Misplaced buckle: Shirt

If you want fashion, then don’t follow the steps, the buttons are misplaced, although it is very chic, but it doesn’t look at the eye, because it is a basic model, and it is a monochrome design, which can be worth scrutinizing.

After introducing these kinds of wearing methods, I found that the simple solid color will look better.

2019,How do men wear shirts?

The shirt is the most classic piece in the man’s wardrobe.

  1. Buckle a few suitable?
  2. How to roll a shirt sleeve?
  3. Should the shirt hem be stuffed into the pants?
Buckle a few suitable? Full buckle:If you tie a tie, it must be all buckled.
One buckle:Unlocking a button is more intellectual and stable.
Two buckles:Unlocking the two buckles is a very common way to wear, casual and not too much.
How to roll a shirt sleeve? roll a shirt sleevea shirt sleeve 2
Should the shirt hem be stuffed into the pants? With jeans, you can not put the hem into your pants.
When paired with formal trousers or casual trousers, you need to put the hem inside the pants, which gives a neat feeling.

Satin silk shirt for the senior

Satin silk shirt
Satin silk shirt

I couldn’t understand the silk before, I thought it was soft but “boneless”, expensive and difficult to manage, and easy to show age… I didn’t understand it until I personally put it on. The so-called “disadvantages” turned out to be It became a reason to fall in love with silk (women are so fickle).

Why is silk “expensive?”

There are many types of silk, which generally refer to silk. It belongs to the natural protein fiber, which contains 18 kinds of amino acids beneficial to the human body, so it is especially good for skin-friendly.

However, natural silk does have a “defect” that is expensive and difficult to serve. The fashion circle has thus produced acetate fabric.

  • Acetate fabric

It is made of acetate fiber (man-made fiber made by esterification of acetic acid and cellulose). It is most like “imitation” of silk fiber. Its softness, gloss and comfort are similar to silk.

Many fashion brands like to replace natural silk with acetate silk fabrics to create fashions that are similar in appearance and beautiful, and that are really good, but the price is not necessarily much cheaper than silk.

Good silk has a good gloss and drape, so silky clothes have a flowing and restrained beauty.The girl with full body is charming and, Slim body looks lazy, but she has her own “unique” beauty.

  • Professional :MM

It refers to the thickness of the silk, the higher the MM value, the thicker the fabric. Generally speaking, the thicker silk has a better texture, and the gloss is stronger and slightly stiffer; but it is not as thick as possible, but also according to the style, design and season of the clothes.

How to choose :

1. If you want to start a silk dress, it is recommended to select a thicker silk fabric to create a full and rich outline.
2. We recommend that girls who are slightly fuller can choose silk clothes with a slightly higher mm. The slightly “hard” fabric can better shape the body and look slimmer.
3. A skinny girl can try a silk top or a ruffled style, and the naturally stacked neckline creates a richness that makes the body softer and fuller.

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