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Tips to utilize less water for your lawn!

August is known for blazing sun, scorching temperatures and dry, scarcity like days. Lawn watering bans also happen in summer, and it mostly depends on the area you are residing in. Most homeowners would have set up a lush, green and nice lawn with features such as:

  • Nutrient-rich fertilizer
  • Excellent quality grass seed crops
  • Organic topsoil and much more

If you are wondering how to keep your lawn beautiful and healthy, here are some tips to follow. Canadian garden hoses serve as an excellent option to water the lawn. It helps in managing the water wisely and also maintains a good looking lawn. If you want to know how to utilize water hoses, we have described more here briefly.

Most Canadians utilize plain garden hoses for watering their lawns. There are chances of water to get wasted if you consider these factors:

  • One thousand one hundred litres of water are utilized for lawn watering. It is almost like leaving the hose open for about eight hours.
  • About 50% of regular lawn water is wasted due to unneeded or extra watering.
  • Approximately 4 billion litres are utilized throughout Canada only for irrigation and watering purposes.

If you have decided to water your grass, you need to water in an even manner and as moderate as possible. Moreover, you can also consider these tips:

  • Water the grass during the early evening or morning hours:
    When you water during cooler temperatures, the grass will absorb less water. Also, excess water would not evaporate.
  • Reduce down the grass cutting cycle:
    Long grass can easily tolerate arid and dry conditions better than the trimmed and short grass.
  • Step on the grass before beginning to water:
    If the grass pops up when you step inside, it means it does not need water.
    Another important thing you can do is ensuring that the nozzle and garden hose is clear and free from damage and debris. It should be in excellent working condition.

Own an irrigation or sprinkler system?
Nowadays, most people utilize automated sprinkler systems. It has chances to utilize large amounts of water for wetting the garden. Follow these tips if you are utilizing sprinkler or irrigation system:

  • Tune-up the system: Determine when you have lastly cleared the pipes, sealed the leaks and removed the clogged debris from your sprinkler heads.
  • Position them appropriately: Ensure that the sprinkler heads are accurately watering the grass and do not water interlocking patio stones, interlocking pavers or aggregates instead.
  • Set the sprinklers to function at night or in the morning: It is best to utilize like the garden hose. The sprinkling sessions can be fixed in the late evening or early morning hours as grass absorbs less water during those hours.

Other tips for maintaining a beautiful and healthy appearance of the lawn:
Sharpen the lawnmower blades constantly: Do not utilize mowers with dull blades as it can tear the grass. Due to this, the grass consumes more water than required and takes a long time to recover.