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As many of you may know, Canada goose, Ltd is a large Canada manufacturer and extreme weather outerwear, including jackets, vests, hats, and mittens retailers. The company is headquartered in Toronto. Today, their fur trimmed coat was internationally recognised, is seen by many as “fashion” and “essential for the winter. ”

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“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way it treats animals. “-Mahatma Gandhi

Canada geese used wolves as their down coats fur trim. Since there is no wolf farm in Canada, these innocent animals from the wild in search of it. There is no words to describe this violence, savage-like process, the brutal, despite what the company might say.

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Canada geese on their website is open to question. They are trying to prove that their reasons are not related, ignorant, even ridiculous act of barbarity. Canada goose claimed that they used Coyote fur “only as absolutely necessary, specifically for functional purposes. “In other words, canada goose sale edmonton, they think that it is acceptable to kill a Wolf’s fur, because different artificial fur, its function, since it does not freeze doesn ‘T hold water and biodegradable. They also claim that the Wolf’s fur, need cold temperatures, “skin at the moment,” Although most people do not live in such a climate.

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Canada goose claim that they get the most “user-friendly” way, which is used to describe how to actually accomplish the last word Coyote fur. More than 1 million a year coyotes or are shot or trapped Conibear trap and the trap, and often leave a bitter day, eventually dying in their dehydration or starvation.


Canada goose call center for environmental and animal, with their values and moral treatment of facts, just let me shook his head. They have been asked several times whether their fur after peel off his body, and they have not responded.

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- October 28, 2015


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    As a side note, when you’ve spent the last five years to your figure on a dress the best cut, this is a terrible statement. But I understand it may not be for everyone. As for me, I can’t ignore it.

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