Month: March 2021

Why is an online marijuana dispensary the best investment option in Canada?

With the legalization of Cannabis witnessing a surging rise of ‘legal patrons’ in the country, the demands for facilitating their easy access are also gaining prominence. Investing in an online marijuana dispensary is fast becoming the talk of the town. Surprisingly, the ongoing pandemic has turned out to be a golden time for Cannabis retailers in Canada. It is reported that a whopping 10,312,899 units of marijuana was sold in October 2020 alone, and each month has been witnessing a steady 10% increase in medical marijuana sales. It is indeed a good time to invest in an online marijuana dispensary. Review here for some impressive online delivery apps for marijuana retailers and growers that are revolutionizing the industry continually.

For all those marijuana lovers, here is a bit of insight into the functioning of a marijuana delivery app and the multiple ways it is proving to be the best investments of the Cannabis industry.

Technical and the legal know-how of an online cannabis retail application
While a brick-and-mortar store has been the age-old retail method, the technology has immensely lessened the investment and efforts by setting up an online store. The online retail store and web applications are considerably cheaper than a real-world shop. The less time to market, the vast audience, and an enhanced business visibility are other factors that put an online retail store in the limelight. Here are a few important aspects that need to be monitored while designing an online retail store application.

Verifying the age of customers: Verifying users’ age is a crucial step of online application, as Canada implements strict age restrictions on who buys Cannabis online. Third-party applications like BlueCheck help retail applications to check the user age.

Legal sellers online: Federal government authorizes three categories of Cannabis traders to produce and sell marijuana. An online application is conscious of this fact and allows only these three Cannabis sellers to trade online.

Cannabis growers: Cannabis growers have the least exposure to the retail world. An online selling application can handle speedy deliveries and collaborate with other retailers and ultimately expand its network.

Cannabis retailers: For a cannabis retailer, the online applications are meant to expand their customer base as these allow consumers to trade within the comforts of their homes.

Cannabis startup: Entrepreneurs are the category that leverages the most from an online retail application. Online apps or web apps are the easiest and the affordable solution for a Cannabis seller.

Reduces the supply chain hassles: mobile applications have an amazing impact on the supply-chain of Cannabis industries. As against the brick and mortar ordeals of managing shipping delays and supply shortages, an online application brings all the elements of Cannabis industries such as retailers, growers, transport companies, consumers, and even delivery executives under a single roof.

Innovative technologies: With the foray of AI and Machine learning into development, Cannabis retail applications have been able to build a great fan base and push the industry into the global realms.

So if these benefits convince you, learn some crucial guidelines that help you become more compliant and expert in your online endeavors.

Acquire the necessary permits from government authorities to grow, sell, research and test with Cannabis.

  • Acquire the necessary import and export licenses.
  • Plain packaging norms for Cannabis have to be strictly adhered to.
  • Packages must contain mandatory health warnings, specifications, and symbols of Cannabis.
  • You must be above 19 years to trade Cannabis legally.

Choosing Between Lock Replacement and Lock-Rekeying

You may struggle when you lose your key or when your key is damaged. Lock replacement and lock rekeying are preferred options that help open your lock when there is an issue with your key. Lock-rekeying seems to be a better choice as you need not change the whole lockset as in a lock replacement. You need to understand both to choose the best option. Residential locksmith London, Ontario gives an in-depth overview of both the options here. Find more here on the pros and cons of using lock replacement and lock-rekeying.

What Is Lock-Rekeying?
In re-keying, you just adjust the internal settings of the lock. This makes it possible to use a different key to open the lock. This is done with no compromise on the security of your home or office. The basic idea is to retain your old lock and use a new key to open it. It is a cost-effective option as the existing lock is being used. A professional locksmith can only help in the process of rekeying your lock.
Pros and Cons of Lock-Rekeying
Better security: It is the preferred choice of homeowners when they move to a home. It helps in improving the security of your home. This makes it impossible for the previous homeowners to use the old key and walk into the house.

Quick Process:

A professional locksmith can complete the rekeying process in no time without any delay. It is a simple process that can be done with the use of fewer tools.
Saves Money: You save a lot of money when rekeying your lock. This is because the key pins are only changed in rekeying. The key pins are a cheap component of your lock system.

Limited Security Upgrades:

The security boost is quite limited when you opt for rekeying.
What Is Lock Replacement?
Lock replacement is nothing but replacing the entire lock system with another brand new lock. It is quite expensive as you have to purchase an entire lockset. You must consider several factors when purchasing a new lock. Decide on the brand and features of the new lockset.
Pros and Cons of Lock replacement

Easy To Customize:

When you replace your existing lock with a new one, it is possible to customize it based on your security requirements. It is possible to install locks with additional security when you go for lock replacement.

Better Security Upgrades:

Replacing locks helps in boosting the security of your home. It permits better security upgrades. It helps in replacing your old traditional locks with smart locks. The security measures are greatly improved when you replace your existing locks.


Changing the entire lockset is quite expensive. You end up spending for the new lock and the labor for installing the lock.
It is quite difficult to decide between replacing a lock and rekeying. Personal preferences and situations influence your choice. Ask several questions to make the right decision. Budget and security preferences can help to make the right choice.

Tips to utilize less water for your lawn!

August is known for blazing sun, scorching temperatures and dry, scarcity like days. Lawn watering bans also happen in summer, and it mostly depends on the area you are residing in. Most homeowners would have set up a lush, green and nice lawn with features such as:

  • Nutrient-rich fertilizer
  • Excellent quality grass seed crops
  • Organic topsoil and much more

If you are wondering how to keep your lawn beautiful and healthy, here are some tips to follow. Canadian garden hoses serve as an excellent option to water the lawn. It helps in managing the water wisely and also maintains a good looking lawn. If you want to know how to utilize water hoses, we have described more here briefly.

Most Canadians utilize plain garden hoses for watering their lawns. There are chances of water to get wasted if you consider these factors:

  • One thousand one hundred litres of water are utilized for lawn watering. It is almost like leaving the hose open for about eight hours.
  • About 50% of regular lawn water is wasted due to unneeded or extra watering.
  • Approximately 4 billion litres are utilized throughout Canada only for irrigation and watering purposes.

If you have decided to water your grass, you need to water in an even manner and as moderate as possible. Moreover, you can also consider these tips:

  • Water the grass during the early evening or morning hours:
    When you water during cooler temperatures, the grass will absorb less water. Also, excess water would not evaporate.
  • Reduce down the grass cutting cycle:
    Long grass can easily tolerate arid and dry conditions better than the trimmed and short grass.
  • Step on the grass before beginning to water:
    If the grass pops up when you step inside, it means it does not need water.
    Another important thing you can do is ensuring that the nozzle and garden hose is clear and free from damage and debris. It should be in excellent working condition.

Own an irrigation or sprinkler system?
Nowadays, most people utilize automated sprinkler systems. It has chances to utilize large amounts of water for wetting the garden. Follow these tips if you are utilizing sprinkler or irrigation system:

  • Tune-up the system: Determine when you have lastly cleared the pipes, sealed the leaks and removed the clogged debris from your sprinkler heads.
  • Position them appropriately: Ensure that the sprinkler heads are accurately watering the grass and do not water interlocking patio stones, interlocking pavers or aggregates instead.
  • Set the sprinklers to function at night or in the morning: It is best to utilize like the garden hose. The sprinkling sessions can be fixed in the late evening or early morning hours as grass absorbs less water during those hours.

Other tips for maintaining a beautiful and healthy appearance of the lawn:
Sharpen the lawnmower blades constantly: Do not utilize mowers with dull blades as it can tear the grass. Due to this, the grass consumes more water than required and takes a long time to recover.